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In 2007, Pho 79 DC was established by the founder of a very famous Pho Hung restaurant chain in Vietnam. In 2019, Pho 79 DC officially opened its first branch in the US and has been renowned for providing real spices, tasty food and quality courses for people having the passion for cooking. Let’s discover more about us!

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We offer a wide range of dishes across all regions of Vietnam. Signature dishes such as Pho or broken rice can be mentioned, both of which are delicacies of the Vietnamese culinary elite. such as Pho, the quintessential Vietnamese dish, and rice with grilled pork chop. Coming to Pho 79 DC, you can enjoy a symphony of delightfully textured, bright, and piquant flavors.

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Aside from delicious dishes, we also provide complete seasoning packets to help you have perfect home-cooked meals. Our products can add authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine, making it easy to serve yourself and your family with tasty dishes. No matter what you choose, the aroma and taste will always be purely delicious.

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We offer a course specifically for those who want to start and run a successful restaurant. The course is a step-by-step guide packed with tons of tips, tricks, examples that can help you know how to deal with licensure, health department check,… Materials in the course also include detailed instructions for cooking Vietnamese food.

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Emma V.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE in the whole world from staff to the restaurant and most importantly the food! I love pho and I could eat it every day, only if it's from this place. Nowhere else could compare to this place. The broth was flavory, high quality meat and the rice noodles. Definitely 1000% recommend!!

Claire G.

I have never been to D.C. before, and we came here on a whim. This place has changed my view on Pho. I've never had a good experience, but the dish I had was SO AMAZING!!! The owners served us and were super nice! They even came by our table and previewed some of their food so we would have an idea what to order. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is visiting or local!